Benefits of Aromatherapy


For those that have not used aromatherapy before it is a very popu;ar form of holistic therapy which has been said to treat a range of different issues and is said to be very good for mind, body and spirit. It is through a variety of different essential oils that are using during the massage process and the oil enters through the skin and hair follicles and then subsequently they are taken into the blood stream.

As well as this Aromatherapy is also commonly used as a first aid measure for many different minor accidents that can happen in and around the home for example including minor burns and cuts as well as some other issues such as blocked and stuffy nose problems and sore throats for example.

Some of the main benefits of using Aromatherapy are as follows:

  • Imrpoving mood and sense of well being through the use of massage combined with various different aromatherapy oils
  • Improve blood and lymphatic circulation through massage and the use of essential oils. It is dependent on which essential oil is used as to the affect on the blood vessels, i.e whether they constrict or dilate
  • Balance the hormone production by the endocrine system. Essential oils such as clary sage can mimic oestrogen.
  • Strengthen the immune system by helping to kill viruses, bacteria and fungal infections.
  • Reduce pain.
  • Encourage restful sleep.
  • Improve digestion.